The “Before Picture”

This post is my ”before picture.” I want to be able to look back after this course and see what I was doing before it and how the course has changed how I think about things. In other words, I want to take inventory on my own Open Networked Learning (and teaching). I’ll do this through the ONL abbreviation. I wouldn’t say that I am happy with this structure but if I have to wait until I’ve found the perfect way to organise this blog post, it will never be written. So here it is, my before ONL162 inventory


– I used to keep all of my teaching videos on YouTube unlisted. I now only keep videos unlisted if they don’t work out of context (and if it is not obvious that they are part of a given context). I allow comments on my videos but I hardly get any, which is perfectly fine since I make them for specific teaching purposes.

– I’m not used to keeping my process this open though, showing things or thoughts that aren’t finished. I’m hoping this course will push me over that threshold since I think I have things to gain from it.


I was born in the beginning of the 80s but whenever people talk about The Millenials and their Internet habits I feel like they’re talking about my generation. I live with my phone in my hand. Maybe that is part of why I enjoy blended, flipped and online teaching so much. But for the purpose of taking stock:

– I record mini lectures and feedback to students using Screencast-o-matic. I have used QuickTime (and the camera on my phone) in the past but since I got the pro version of Screencast-o-matic I don’t see the point anymore. Being able to both edit and upload directly to YouTube through the application has saved me a lot of time.

– I communicate with my students through various LMSs (Learning Management System). Since the university decides on the LMS to be used in a given course, and since I teach at three different universities, I am currently using three different LMSs.

– For synchronous teaching I use Adobe Connect. Although I do like the different functionalities, it definitely has its limits and I would love to have other options. The course has already given me the opportunity to try Google hangouts but I don’t know how well it would work for the kind of teaching I do (e.g. breaking up the big group into smaller groups and being able to walk between groups as a teacher).


Well, this is the point where I don’t expect much change. Don’t get me wrong, I expect to learn a lot from this course but I don’t expect my willingness to learn to change. I want to learn more about most things as it is.



  1. …which proves you’re an academic… So, nice to see you! Being reluctant to share unfinished stuff openly seems to be a common trait. I’ll may have a look at your videos – don’t get to practice my French often enough! Have you tried LUplay for making and sharing/publishing videos? For meetings, my PBL group uses Zoom and it works well – haven’t used breakout rooms but should be possible from what I’ve heard. Hoping to get the business-version through the uni network…🌻


  2. Really enjoyed your thought processes and your link to “Don’t get me wrong”. Lovely out there touch. You have uploaded a number of teaching videos. Pity more people don’t get to use them. Keep up the good work and I look forward to seeing you “after” picture


  3. Hi Frida, thanks for the great post and especially for mentioning the software you use to record mini lectures and feedback to students using Screencast-o-matic. I’m keen to put together basic programming videos on youtube and Screencast-o-matic seems like a good option, is it freeware? I was thinking perhaps in our group we could put together a doc. (a type of e-learning resource bank) of all the great software we come across, that will help in our teaching.


    1. Hi Brendan, there is a free version of Screencast-o-matic but it comes with two main restrictions: you can’t edit your videos or make them longer than 15 minutes. I used that version for quite some time but then went on to the pro version (100SEK/year ≈ 160ZAR). That was a big change for me and i didn’t realise how much time I was loosing because I couldn’t edit my videos. The idea of a group doc with great software is a great idea. I’ll get right on that!


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